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Chup socks are an unique and colourful product inspired by patterns from around the world. Making the most out of the capability of a stocking frame machine, we weave quality products paying great attention to details on colour and design based on various motifs and patterns.

All the designs are original using beautiful coloured yarns. Despite the various restrictions for production, our aim is to design comfortable socks for our consumers and not sacrificing the pattern of each style.

The low gauge stocking frame machine is a very rare find in Japan.With the intricate designs of each pair of Chup socks, the production efficiency compared to a general machine is limited to producing from a half to one third.

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 (One machine can produce from 20-25 pairs a day on average) All of the master craftsman carefully inspect the finishing products in order to offer impeccable socks for our customers.

Increasing production efficiency.While maintaing our quality and design principle, we have been studying and developing our operation to extend Chup’s collection by understanding the machines on how they operate to produce Chup socks.


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Photography Jason Paparoulas



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